EXPERIMINTA - a project by citizens of Frankfurt

On March 1, 2011 the Science Center was publicly established and opened through the efforts of committed volunteers in Frankfurt. In 2016 about 94,000 visitors attended.
In terms of visitor numbers EXPERIMINTA became again the 9th largest museum in Frankfurt (based on the data of 2014).
As always, the daily operations of the Center are carried out with great dedication by dozens of Experiminta's Volunteer Staff from all over the general Frankfurt area. Many friends and supporters helped and help.

Patron of EXPERIMINTA is Sylvia Weber, head of department for integration and education in the city of Frankfurt.

The extensive activity report (in German) can be downloaded.

“Hands-on Experience” not ever “Don't touch!”

EXPERIMINTA is a hands-on museum in Frankfurt am Main. About 130 experimental stations invite you to play, to try things out, to have your curiosity awakened and to be amazed. The stations challenge your expectations and entice you to think for yourself.
As a result, natural phenomena and mathematical relationships become tangible and easily understood through playful experiences.

What is in store for you?

You might like to start your visit with a short nap on our Fakir-bed on the tip of 600 pin pricks.

Then maybe continue on to drawing musical patterns in the sand with the singing iron plate, or looking out at the world from the inside of a gigantic soap bubble.

Also, you can experience great cinema by stepping into our gigantic eyeball and understand the fundamental physics of human vision.

These experimental stations and many more give you hands-on experiences in the natural sciences, mathematics, information science and technology.

EXPERIMINTA at Place 9 of the Frankfurt Museums

With respect to the number of visitors for 2014, about 85,000, EXPERIMINTA is once again at position 9 among the Frankfurt Museums. At the top, of course, are Städel, Schirn and the Nature Museum Senckenberg. Interestingly, the immediate ‘neighbours’ of EXPERIMINTA are the Museum of Applied Arts and the Goethe Museum.

Awards and Recognition

tl_files/bilder/Wir_ueber_uns/journal-fankfurt-auszeichnung.jpgTop Location für Familien 2017 - RheinMain4FamilyEXPERIMINTA continues to receive awards and recognition. In addition to awards for volunteering (e.g. the Walter Möller-Plakette of the city of Frankfurt in the year 2016), EXPERIMINTA is currently recommended by

Empfohlen durch Frankfurt Rhein-Main mit Kindern (Journal Frankfurt)


Top-Location für Familien (RheinMain4Family)