Birthdays and Appreciation Days

Birthdays and private events for children at the Science Center ExperimINTA are an attraction.
More and more parents use it as a form of thanks and appreciation for a special commitment to a group of children.

If you have any questions, please contact Ms Abarchan via

 The birthday party is suitable for children from 6 to 13 years - including English speaking children.
 The party should have no more than 15 children.
 EXPERIMINTA is offering smaller and larger versions, which differ in terms of the level of participation:
 Model 1 with age-appropriate tour of discovery and presentations with hands-on involvement
 Model 2 with age-appropriate tour of discovery

 Model 1:
 Age-appropriate tour of discovery and
 presentations with hands-on involvement

 Tuesday to Friday € 160 €; Saturday, Sunday
 and holidays € 190
for up to 14 persons (i.e.
 children and adults); for each additional person € 15.
 Plus: Cost of drinks.
 Duration of the birthday between 11 am and
 1:30 pm or 2:30 pm and 5 pm.
 Until 6:00 pm time for own discovery
 Further details on the model 1 you see here ...

   Model 2:
 Age-appropriate tour of discovery

Tuesday to Friday € 110 €; Saturday, Sunday
 and holidays € 140
for up to 14 persons (i.e.
 children and adults); for each additional person € 15.
 Plus: Cost of drinks.
 Duration of the birthday between 11 am and
 1 pm or 2:30 pm and 4:30 pm.

 Until 6:00 pm time for own discovery.
 Further details on the model 2 you see here ...

Children's birthdays in English: Children's birthdays in the English language are possible. Please ask for details via

Voucher: You are welcome to give away vouchers for a birthday party.

On food and beverages: Please bring your own birthday cake and purchase the beverages from our cafeteria. For additional food you have the following options:
a) you bring them by yourself or
b) you order them from our cafeteria in advance. Please write an e-mail to not later than one week before the birthday party. You can choose between the following menus:

Menu 1:
Piccolo Pizza (spinach, salami, ham)
chicken wings

Price: 50,- €

Menu 2:
Frankfurter & beef sausage

Price: 45,-€

Menu 3:
Meat balls & chicken nuggets

Price: 55,-€


If the group includes more than 14 people, the price of the menu increases respectively.

Reservation of your birthday

In order to give you sufficient time for an application, the reservation is made in two steps:
  • First, check the available dates (see below left).
  • If you find an available date, please send a brief e-mail to Ms Abarchan will answer.

You will receive a personal temporary ID that allows you to log on - via the button on the bottom right. You have one week to make the binding registration.

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   We are the Birthday Team!

Clicking on one of the two buttons will take you to the reservation process.
To return to the homepage, just click the X on the bottom line or refresh the page in the browser - in some browsers it is the symbol tl_files/bilder/verschiedenes/aktualisieren-icon.JPG

Please read the PDF-document information for birthdays before your visit:

application/pdf birthdays-info.pdf (816.9 KiB)

Overview of available dates and registration