CleverMINTa - EXPERIMINTA in Children's Hospital

The situation in the hospital is not always easy for children. In order to ease up the often monotonous clinical routine and distract the children, the EXPERIMINTA ScienceCenter has been offering the small patients once a week the opportunity to experiment and research on natural science topics at the Clementine Children's Hospital in Frankfurt since 2014. Even children who can not leave the hospital bed, are cared for and encouraged with small research tasks.

All small patients and accompanying persons who have the time and inclination, thus have the opportunity to experience the natural sciences in a tangible way.

In the workshops current seasonal phenomena are taken up - for example in autumn: Why do leaves and fruits fall from the trees? Why do apples "rust" and what secrets does a chestnut hide? But also everyday observations are analyzed in more detail: How is a rainbow formed? Where do the holes in the cheese come from? Why does corn pop? What is starch and what is a greenhouse gas?

The offer has been very popular with all participants since the beginning. The enthusiasm for research makes both children and parents forget they are in the hospital.


The project manager is Dr. Petra Welkerling.

The project is funded by