Concept of EXPERIMINTA: Our Goals

From touching to understanding: hands on and minds on

EXPERIMINTA wants especially to provide playful access to science and technology, as well as to arouse curiosity to the great inventions and discoveries of humans that were created over generations.

“Touching requested”: Any visitor gets active at the experimental stations by him- or herself. The visitor creates phenomena, which surprise and perplex and vice versa react interactive to the visitor’s input. The phenomena are experienced immediate before the visitor’s face with all senses, even physical.

Many stations with the same context are placed nearby in the same room in order to discover the “same” at different stations. For instance, the themes oscillations and waves or optical phenomena are found in groups, so conclusions can be made by the visitor.

The visitor isn’t indoctrinated; everything is for discovering by oneself. Even the information sheets can be used or not. Technical terms are hardly used in the texts. Furthermore, pervious knowledge isn’t necessary, so that an intuitive understanding is enabled. Whenever possible, stations facilitate cooperation or even necessitate it.  This cooperation works: They lead to an active exchange of questions and experiences and to a tight interaction - not only from grown to little ones.

The visitor is autonomous: One comes by choice, searches ones spatial and temporal “way” through EXPERIMINTA. One lingers and deepens or one briefly gets in touch. Each station can get the visitor’s favorite one. This alone is worth visiting EXPERIMINTA!

All visitors; whatever age or background knowledge are welcome. They all learn successful and with fun.