The exhibition and its concept


Let's take the experimental station, the giant pair of pliers, to outline briefly our concept, which also applies to the other stations.

The scientific fact is relatively simple: the giant pair of pliers serves as an introduction to the golden rule of the law of lever: If you want to reduce your force, you have to increase the distance.

There are three key points that guided the selection and development of our experimental stations:

  • They have to be fun! "Learning by playing" means the stations are entertaining and captivating.
  • They are easily related to real life phenomena.
  • They are interactive and require participation.

The giant pair of pliers is not placed in isolation, but together with other experiments that demonstrate the lever principle. The section is not subject-specific with "mechanics" as a theme.

Close to the giant pliers are other experimental stations that highlight the physical facts pertaining to “Strong and Weak” - including two historic power-testing machines.

The descriptions of the experimental stations are deliberately kept short: "What can you do?" and "What should happen?"'.This should encourage questions which are answered in the third part “Why is this so?”, thus helping the visitor to understand the principles.