EXPERIMINTA at Clementine Children’s Hospital

Experimentation can give self-confidence and provide distraction from the difficult life in hospital.  
Can one observe scientific phenomena and carry out experiments oneself in hospital - will this work?
We asked ourselves the question and came to the simple answer: Yes!

Since October 2014, EXPERIMINTA has been involved with the Clementine Children’s Hospital. Scientific orientation workshops have been presented, once a week, in the play room of the children’s clinic. All the young patients and their carers have the time and desire to take this opportunity to understand some of the realities of science

And the experience is: individual experimentation gives self-confidence and provides welcome change in the clinical setting.


The workshops deal with current seasonal phenomena. For example in autumn: Why do leaves and fruits fall from the trees? Why do apples rust? What secrets does a chestnut hide? 
Daily observations are analysed in more detail. How is a rainbow formed? How does cheese get holes? Why does popcorn pop? What is strength? What is greenhouse gas?

The project is headed by Frau Dr. Petra Welkerling, who developed the concept and designed the individual units. 
The project is funded by Clementine Kinderhospital - Dr. Christ´sche Stiftung and the Kinderhilfestiftung e.V.

The response has been impressive and the project continues in 2016, with the further aim to form partnerships with more clinics in the Rhein-Main region.

Download: EXPERIMINTA in Clementine Kinderhospital

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