Offers for teachers and educators

Free information afternoons for teachers and educators

You are not sure how to use the EXPERIMINTA's offers for your lessons, supervision or training? Or you have educational questions for our team that you always wanted to ask?

No problem!

We invite teachers and educators from schools, kindergartens and similar institutions to get to know our offers for free, because the EXPERIMINTA is recognized by the Hessian Ministry of Culture as an "extracurricular learning place". We introduce you to the Science Center in groups separated by kindergarten, elementary school, secondary and vocational schools and answer your questions.

Depending on the feedback, the informational afternoons take place several times a year.

If you are interested, please write an e-mail to stating whether you are an educator or a teacher. Please also specify the school form. We then try to form appropriate groups and set a suitable date.


Next dates

To find out about the upcoming events, please visit the German website.

Space for your school class presentations

We have set up a room in our house that school classes can use for their own presentations. Here you can present your research or results from lessons and projects to a larger audience.

For a previously agreed period, we will make the work of your students available to all our visitors. Because many student works are very good and should not disappear in cabinets and drawers after grading.

Use the possibilty to present the works of your students to as many visitors as possible.

If you would like to use the room with your group or if you are not sure whether your project fits the EXPERIMINTA, simply write an e-mail to