From vision to optics - transfer project to the Polytechnik Award

Experimentierstation Kaleidoskop

The Polytechnic Award is awarded by the Stiftung Polytechnische Gesellschaft. In doing so, it honors the research and development achievements of the didactic scientists in Germany. Awarded are didacticians and educators who have developed, tested and implemented outstanding teaching concepts and learning opportunities in STEM subjects. Following the award ceremony, the prizewinner concepts are implemented in a structured transfer process to kindergartens and schools in Frankfurt.

In 2016, Prof. Dr. Burkhard Priemer and Prof. Dr. Lutz-Helmut Schön (HU Berlin / University of Vienna) won the second prize with her project "From Vision to Optics". With the focus on "Kaleidoscope", the project is now being transferred to schools in Frankfurt in cooperation with the EXPERIMINTA ScienceCenter.

The pupils deal with selected optical phenomena of mirrors. They describe the phenomena and try to understand the effects. In addition, there is a tour of the Science Center for all participants - of course also with the focus on "mirrors". In the end, children can understand, how the image in a kaleidoscope is formed.

The project ist completely conducted in German language. Therefore, please refer to the German site for more details.