Offer for classes of high school

For classes of high school, we offer study materials especially tailored for the needs of this age group. Additionally we give interested teachers the opportunity to conduct learning-afternoons with their class at selected stations.


Different experimental stations at EXPERIMINTA can be reserved for classes and courses of high school in the afternoons to experiment with them without disturbance. Depending on availability, teachers can reserve a free working space for their learning group, too. Please indicate your request when you register.

The following stations can be reserved:

Devil's wheel

On the devil's wheel, a motorized turntable, to ride on, the conservation of angular momentum can be experienced and investigated by the pupils themselves. The wheel provides a variety of experimental possibilities on the subjects of centripetal or centrifugal force, Coriolis force, straight and angular velocity, reference systems etc. In the devil's wheel room, there are many experimental materials existing. By prior arrangement, the devil's wheel can be used under the guidance of an EXPERIMINTA employee.

Flame tube

Rubens' flame tube, as well as the Kundt's tube, makes standing sound waves visible. Experiments with the flame tube are carried out by arrangement with an employee of the EXPERIMINTA team.


Booking of a learning-afternoon

This offer is only available from Tuesday to Friday after 1.00 p.m. and outside of the Hessian school holidays. You only pay the discounted afternoon group rate. We will inform you about additional costs for the employees and materials on request.

Prior to booking a learning-afternoon via our online-reservation tool, please send an informal request to

A second visit to EXPERIMINTA with the same group within 30 days - e.g. for a shorter time during one of your hours of physics lessons – is included in the ticket. Please speak to our staff at the reception.

Worksheets for teaching physics in high school

For numerous experimental stations worksheets are available, which you may wish to use in the classroom. They deal for example with the topics of oscillations and waves, motion and force. You can download the worksheets at the bottom of this page. They are currently available in German, only.

For any questions and comments to the materials, please contact

Space for your school class presentations

We have set up a room in our house that school classes can use for their own presentations. Here you can present your research or results from lessons and projects to a larger audience.

For a previously agreed period, we will make the work of your students available to all our visitors. Because many student works are very good and should not disappear in cabinets and drawers after grading.

Use the possibilty to present the works of your students to as many visitors as possible.

If you would like to use the room with your group or if you are not sure whether your project fits the EXPERIMINTA, simply write an e-mail to