House Rules

Dear visitors,

We wish you a pleasant stay and a lot of interesting experiences! To ensure a smooth operation, please observe our rules of the house. We gratefully welcome criticism, suggestions for improvement and good ideas.

1. Baggage storage / disclaimer of warranty
Umbrellas, rucksacks, suitcases, bags and similar (greater than DIN A4) have to remain in the wardrobes or lockers. These are unguarded. We assume no liability for objects which are lost and/or damaged.

2. Use of the experimental stations
Our experimental stations may and should be used actively,but only for the intended purpose of experimenting in accordance with the operation notes.

Using them in a manner for which they are not intended, not proper or causing damage can lead to an immediate ban on entering the building and, if necessary, to liability for damage compensation.

Repairs and maintenance of individual stations are inevitable and do not constitute claims on entrance fee reduction or similar.

Boisterous behaviour is not allowed.

3. Obligations to supervise
To avoid accidents and damage, parents, teachers and other supervisors have to guarantee handling of the experimental stations carefully and properly.

4. Animals
Taking animals in the building isn’t allowed.

5. Smoking, food and drinking
Smoking is forbidden throughout the building.
Beverages and food are allowed to be consumed in the specified areas only.

6. Sports equipment
Use of skateboards, inline skates, roller skates, scooters and the like is not allowed in the building.

7. Taking photographs and films
Taking photographs and/or films for business purposes is allowed only with the consent of the commercial executive on a written application.

8. Authority to issue directives, ban on entering the building
The instructions of the stewards have to be followed.
Stewards can place bans on entering the building if the rules of the house or are violated or instructions disobeyed.
In case of liability stewards can give details to the police. In this case there will be no refund of the entrance money.

9. Liability
The stay in the building is carried out at one’s own risk.
Accidents and damage are to be reported immediately.

10. Dangers and fire cases
Loudspeaker announcements and the orders of the stewards must be followed.
Evacuation procedures have to be followed.

11. Becoming effective
These house rules are effective from April 1, 2011. They can be seen in the reception area and are published on the Internet.

In case of dispute the German version of the house rules is valid.

Frankfurt am Main, March 31, 2011
Förderverein ExperiMINTa Frankfurt am Main e.V.