Offer for kindergarten groups

With daily questions about the world around them, children are travelling as little researchers in everyday life, marveling, thinking and testing.

Natural scientific phenomena and experiments reinforce curiosity and stimulate children again and again to ask new questions. Something to explore, unravel or resolve, is an inspiring experience. What you learn in this way, you will not forget so easily.

The small MINT researchers

"The small MINT researchers" is a tour through EXPERIMINTA which was especially designed for children up to about eight years. Therefore, ten experiments have been selected, which can be handled by the children and the approach makes it possible for them to understand the scientific background. Most of the phenomena are known to the children from their daily lives.

The materials offer not only ideas for experimenting at the science center but a variety of suggestions for subsequent exploration.

The associated experimental stations in EXPERIMINTA are marked with a little owl.

The booklet "The small MINT researchers" can be downloaded at the bottom of this page, purchased in printed form for a nominal fee of 3 Euro at the EXPERIMINTA-box office or ordered via e-mail (3 Euro plus 4 Euro for handling and shipping).


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