In the EXPERIMINTA, all experiments are explained as clearly as possible. One can find explanatory texts in the rotating displays or on panels on the wall.

The English Catalogue, and for young visitors “The Small MINT Researchers”, are very helpful for preparation for a visit to EXPERIMINTA as well as for follow-up.

If you would like to have material sent to you, please transfer the appropriate amount to
Foerderverein ExperiMINTa Frankfurt am Main e.V.
Account number 1246310510 BLZ 50050201 Frankfurter Sparkasse
IBAN: DE35 5005 0201 1246 3105 10 und

  • 22 € for the main Catalogue
  • 10 € for the material "Bridges" and
  • 7 € for the "Small MINT researchers" or the "Mirror” material.

Then write to us, about two days later, at the e-mail address giving your name and address and details of your request. We will then send you the material.


The core publication is the main catalogue.


The main catalogue, in which all experimental stations are described in 214 pages, is in German and English.

Here you can see an overview and a desciption of the experimental stations.

Suitable for everyone aged 10 years and more.
Available at the reception for 16 €, please transfer € 22 for dispatch

The Small MINT Researchers


This publication describes, in 16 pages, 10 experimental stations suitable for young visitors. Suggestions are made for further exploration and experiments.

For children up to about 8 years.
Available at the reception for 3 €, please transfer € 7 for dispatch.

The download version contains the complete material.

Materials for the theme "Mirrors"


Handouts on the topic of mirrors and reflections in 26 pages.
Suitable for teachers, especially primary school teachers.

For children up to about 12 years and teachers.
Available at the reception 4 €, please transfer 7 € for dispatch.

The download version contains only an excerpt.

Materials for the theme "Bridges"

tl_files/bilder/ausstellung/bruecken-titelbild-ausschnitt.jpgInformation, inspiration and ideas to experiment.

Handouts (in German) on the topic of bridges in 54 pages.
for children aged 10 and older.
Especially useful for primary school teachers,
the general parts of the publication are suitable for adults.

At the reception 6 €, please transfer 10 € for dispatch.

The download version contains only an excerpt (in German).

More about materials

Under the menu item "Bereiche und Stationen / Bereiche / Experimentierstationen ("areas and stations / areas / experimental stations") you will see selected JPG files for downloading and printing. For example "Bergauf-Bergab" ("uphill – downhill"). You can find more under "Arbeitsblätter" ("worksheets").