Career guidance in “MINT” subjects

The career guidance course „Die Stars von morgen (The Stars of Tomorrow)“ has now been offered ten times at EXPERIMINTA.

The course is for secondary school (Haupt- and Realschule) students in classes 8 and 9 and covers topics such as electronics, optics, air technology and principles of flight, new technology and energy.

The MINT-project forms part of a programme initiated by the Hessen Ministry of Economy, Energy, Transport and Regional Development. The programme involves Frankfurt EXPERIMINTA and four other sites in Hessen – Kassel (Student Research Centre), Marburg (Chemikum), Gießen (Mathmatikum) and Darmstadt (Adventure Technology). Financial support is from the European Social Fund and the Federal Employment Agency. The aim is to address the imminent shortage of skilled workers in the scientific and technical professions in a constructive and sustainable way using existing facilities.

For further details of the course and registration, please go to the German page “Berufsorientierung in den MINT-Fächern” in the menu section “MINT-Projekt”.