Worksheets for individual experimental stations

Worksheets for the following stations can be found here (in German):


In EXPERIMINTA, all experiments are explained in order to make them as clear as possible. One can find explanatory texts in the so-called rotating displays or panels on the wall.

The catalogue is particularly suitable for the preparation and follow-up of the experiments. You can have it sent to you upon request. For details, see here.

Experiment with systems - competence afternoons for secondary schools I

This offer applies to learning group visits from Tuesday to Friday, after 13:00 h, outside of the holidays. Groups can benefit from the discounted afternoon rate of 4 € per person. There are no additional costs.

Please send your booking request to and then make your reservation.

The learning afternoon "experiment with systems" offers your students the opportunity to explore some aspects of scientific experimentation. Experimentation is addressed in the context of methodological review of hypotheses and systematic exploration. In addition to the technical content, the methodology complements key features of the learning process:

  • Precise observation
  • Methods of grading/classification
  • Systematic variation
  • Checking of assumptions
  • Establishment of measurement series
  • Evaluation of measurement results

We make available for your class a selection of seven experimental stations, where the methodological approach can be tested and the concepts understood through discussions. The accompanying worksheets (in German) are available here for download:

Download all work sheets (in German) as zip file

And here's how:

Book your learning afternoon with us and come with your class, from 13:00 h, to EXPERIMINTA.

In EXPERIMINTA you will be met and taken to the learning-room, which has been reserved for you and which you can use as a classroom. Your students will go from here to the experimental stations; they will return when they have completed their study.

Divide your class into small groups of 3-4 students. Each group receives prepared work sheets. For each station there is additional material. Give out the materials and arrange a time schedule. We recommend that only four stations are studied per group during their stay. Allow about 20 minutes per station.

After about 20 minutes, all groups meet again in the learning area, they give back their material and receive material for the next station. If a group finishes early, the students may use this time to complete their sheets or discuss how they can present their results.

While your class experiments, we recommend that you visit each group to monitor their progress - but help them as little as possible.

After 90 minutes, you should meet again in the learning room. There your class can take a short break. We recommend that you then allow individual groups to present certain stations, according to the learning content experienced (precise observation, methods of classification, systematic variation, checking of assumptions, set up of a series of measurements, evaluation of test results).

You could also move to this part to your next lesson and, after the break, send the class for a second round with the other stations.

Have fun!