In EXPERIMINTA, all experiments are explained in order to make them as clear as possible. One can find explanatory texts in the so-called rotating displays or panels on the wall.

The catalogue is particularly suitable for the preparation and follow-up of the experiments. You can have it sent to you upon request. For details, see here.

Worksheets for teaching physics in high school

Many stations on the topic of mechanics are available to supplement lessons.

Certain experimental stations deal in detail with oscillations and waves.
Among others: Thread-, Cycloid, Chaos- and Foucault-pendulum, Sinus assembly line, Sound tube, Vibration spring for the production of transverse and longitudinal waves.

The following collection (in German) is available for free download. It will be constantly expanding. These worksheets were developed by Michael Duyster, educational director of the Science Centre EXPERIMINTA. If you have suggestions or questions, please contact Mr. Duyster.

To the worksheets (in German).

Afternoon programmes

This offer applies to learning group visits from Tuesday to Friday, after 13:00 h, outside of the holidays. Groups can benefit from the discounted afternoon rate of 4 € per person. There are no additional costs. 
Please send your booking request to and then make your reservation.

Video stroboscope

At the stroboscope station in the basement, movements are analysed in relation to speed changes and the track shapes or cycloids can be seen. Reserve the station at the EXPERIMINTA desk. You can experiment calmly with your learning group and download the pictures onto your USB stick. Various study materials are available.

Devil’s wheel

The conservation of angular momentum can be experienced and investigated by the pupils themselves. The Teufelsrad (devil's wheel), a motorised turntable to ride on, provides a variety of experimental possibilities on the subjects of centripetal or centrifugal force, Coriolis force, straight and angular velocity, reference systems etc.

The Devil's wheel room becomes a classroom with many existing experimental materials.
Please ask about availability prior to booking.

Flame tube

Rubens's flame tube, as well as the Kundt's tube, make standing sound waves visible.
Experiments with the flame tube are carried out by arrangement with an employee of the EXPERIMINTA team.

Free working space

Depending on needs and availability, after 13:00 h, teachers can reserve a free working space for their learning group. Please enter your request in the comments field when you register.

Twice coming - pay once!

A second visit to EXPERIMINTA with the same group within 30 days - e.g. for a shorter time during one of your hours of physics lessons – is included in the ticket. Please speak to our staff at the reception.