Preparation & conduct of a group visit

In order to run your group visit in EXPERIMINTA as smoothly as possible, we would like to explain briefly how you can support us with a proper preparation. We also would like to give you a few tips how to organize a visit with students.


As chaperon please collect the entrance fees of all participants in advance and pay them collective at the cash desk (cash, debit or credit card). Upon request, a receipt with address can be issued.

For teachers we recommend to give a specific work order to your learning group in advance. If you don't have a specific work order, you can try the following:

Let the students choose two or three experimental stations in the house, which are then subject of a small written report. Priorities could bei, for example:

  • Why have you chosen this experimental station?
  • Describe/sketch the station and explain what to do.
  • What could you learn at this station?
  • Can you explain the experimental results?

More offers for groups, suggestions for work orders and handouts for educators and teachers can be found on our websites for

Conduct of your visit

After you paid the entrance fee, your group is welcomed by one of our guides (the so called "MINToren") and gets a short introduction. Usually, the self-experimentation is demonstrated on an experimental station.

After that, the visitors lend a hand and find "their" way through the science center, because it doesn't make sense - especially for groups - to be guided through the exhibition. Everyone should make his own experiments. Therefore, we do not offer guided tours. If the hung up instructions and explanations are insufficient for you, you can always ask one of our supervisors for help or explanation.

There is also no recommended way through the house. You can start anywhere and go on from there. Although some experiments are related to each other, they don't build on one another.

For younger children (kindergarten and primary school), we recommend that the group leader takes the children from area to area in the house and let them experiment there for a while. Older students and adults should explore the whole EXPERIMINTA on their own alone or in small groups .


The experiments offer "natural science and mathematics to touch". In order to avoid accidents and damage, parents, teachers and other supervisors must ensure a careful, proper handling of the exhibits. Therefore, the presence of the supervisors in the exhibition rooms is essential during the entire group visit.

Please also note our house rules.