Research in primary school - offer for "Pakt für den Nachmittag"

Since autumn 2016, the EXPERIMINTA ScienceCenter has offers for the "Pakt für den Nachmittag" for elementary school children. With simple experiments, exciting phenomena can be explored around the topics of water and air. The two projects are thus the ideal complement to the general education.

Each project includes five workshops for each group that take place in the afternoons. Four afternoons take place at the school, and one afternoon the EXPERIMINTA ScienceCenter in Frankfurt is visited.

A workshop lasts 90 minutes (2 lessons). A maximum of 12 children can participate. However, it is possible to register two workshop groups in succession. The workshop times are usually for the first group 13.00-14.30 clock and for the second group 15.00-16.30 clock. During the project afternoon in EXPERIMINTA, the other group can explore the exhibition on their own.

The project ist completely conducted in German language. Therefore, please refer to the German site for more details.