Reservation for groups

We ask groups to register here for a visit (except for workshops and children's birthday parties) or to cancel/change an existing reservation.
If you haven’t read the information about group visits yet, please see below.

   birthday parties and
 workshops for children
 can be booked using the
 menu tab “Activities".

Should you have any difficulty, please send an email to Ms Avci.

Without any extra cost we offer Science Shows in EXPERIMINTA at less busy times. Please check details under Aktuell / News.

With the support of the ProRegion promotional programme, we are able to offer groups of "Hauptschüler" from the region FrankfurtRheinMain a greatly reduced entrance fee of 1 € per person. If you have both "Hauptschüler" and other students among the participants, please register the two groups separately.

With the support of the same programme, we can offer groups of refugees a reduced entrance fee of 3 € per person. Please indicate in the comments section "Refugees 3 € per person".

We offer free guided tours on request in the exhibition section “Adventure Informatics” on Tuesday, Wednesday or Friday afternoons. If you are interested, please make a note “Abenteuer Informatik” in the explanatory notes.

If you like to reserve a room for a lessons project in the afternoon, then please also make a note of it in comments.

Clicking on NEW RESERVATION (on the left) will take you to the reservation process. Check the available dates here first.

Here you can cancel or change an existing reservation.

Note: Currently, our online registration is available in German only.

To return to the homepage, just click the X on the bottom line or refresh the page in the browser - in some browsers it is the symbol tl_files/bilder/verschiedenes/aktualisieren-icon.JPG

On completion of a reservation, you will receive (within a few minutes) a confirmation to your stated e-mail address. Please look at the end of the reservations page to see what you can do if this email does not arrive.

To provide better organisation and assistance, we offer half-hour appointments every half hour between 9:00 h and 15:30 h. If you want to come after 15:30 h, please sign up at 15:30 h and note your arrival time in the explanatory notes.
The average visit for a group usually lasts about 2.5 hours. Of course, you can stay as long as you want - but unfortunately not past the close of business.

We do ask that you please book group visits at least one day in advance using our electronic reservation system. However, group leaders also have the opportunity each morning from 9:00 h (Saturday and Sunday from 10:00 h) to inquire by telephone 069 / 713 79 69- 0, if a group visit is possible on the same day.