Offer for classes of secondary school

For classes of secondary school, we offer study materials especially tailored for the needs of this age group. Additionally we give interested teachers the opportunity to conduct a learning-afternoon with their class at selected stations.

Learning-afternoon - Experiment with systems

The learning-afternoon offers your students the opportunity to explore some aspects of scientific experimentation. In addition to the technical content, the methodical procedure while experimenting is focused: Experiments as methodical review of hypotheses and systematic exploration. Including:

  • precise observation
  • methods of grading/classification
  • systematic variation
  • checking of assumptions
  • establishment of measurement series
  • evaluation of measurement results

We make available for your class a selection of seven experimental stations, where the methodical approach can be tested and discussed. The accompanying worksheets are can be downloaded at the bottom of that website. They are currently available in German, only.


Booking of a learning-afternoon

This offer is only available from Tuesday to Friday after 1.00 p.m. and outside of the Hessian school holidays. You only pay the discounted afternoon group rate. No further costs are incurred.

Before you sign up your group through our online tool, please make a written request to


How it works

On the date of your visit, you come to EXPERIMINTA from 1.00 p.m. with your class and will be taken to the learning room, which has been reserved for you and which you can use as a classroom. Your students will go form here to the experimental stations.

Divide your class into small groups of three to four students. Each group receives a route card and all materials needed for the respective stations. We recommend that only four stations are studied per group during their stay. Allow about twenty minutes per station.

After expiration of this time, all groups meet again in the learning area. They give back their material and receive material for the next station. If a group finishes early, the students may use this time to complete their sheets or discuss how they can present their results.

While your class experiments, we recommend that you visit each group to monitor their progress - but help them as little as possible.

After about 90 minutes, you should meet again in the learning room. There your class can take a short break. We recommend that you then allow individual groups to present certain stations. Pick out the superior learning contents about the methodical procedure while experimenting as a central theme.

You could also move this part to your next lesson and, after the break, send the class for a second round with the other stations.

Please make sure that you can leave EXPERIMINTA not later than 5.00 p.m.

Worksheets for additional experimental stations

In addition to the worksheets that are part of our learning-afternoon, we offer materials on further experimental stations at the bottom of that website, which you can use for your next visit at EXPERIMINTA, too. They are currently available in German, only.

Space for your school class presentations

We have set up a room in our house that school classes can use for their own presentations. Here you can present your research or results from lessons and projects to a larger audience.

For a previously agreed period, we will make the work of your students available to all our visitors. Because many student works are very good and should not disappear in cabinets and drawers after grading.

Use the possibilty to present the works of your students to as many visitors as possible.

If you would like to use the room with your group or if you are not sure whether your project fits the EXPERIMINTA, simply write an e-mail to