About our concept

The EXPERIMINTA ScienceCenter creates a playful approach to science, technology, engineering and mathematics, the STEM subjects (in German: MINT subjects), which are often regarded as difficult to learn.

Every visitor becomes active at the experimental stations. They are therefore, in contrast to the "classical museum", not only observers, but also the cause of the phenomena: balls roll, waves are created, mirror images appear, forces are felt on their own bodies. The results are often surprising. 

The phenomena are created directly before the eyes of the visitor and are experienced with all senses. This is fun, arouses curiosity and challenges to further questions. Nevertheless, the visitor is not instructed anywhere; everything is for self-discovery. Those who wish can still use the explanations to find out more.

Where possible, there are stations that can be used in cooperation with others. This leads to a lively exchange of opinions, interaction, different approaches to solutions and communication - from big to small and the other way around.

Every visitor finds his or her own way through the exhibition. There is no better or worse route. Everyone can choose the content that interests them. He can stop at individual stations or leave them out altogether. This is why there are no guided tours in the EXPERIMINTA ScienceCenter.

However, there are many other offers besides the exhibition that create playful access to science and technology: science shows, workshops, children's birthday parties and a number of other activities round off the offer, so that there is something for everyone.