Hygiene concept for a safe EXPERIMINTA visit

No reservation necessary

Tickets can be purchased normally at the cash desk. With the exception of group visits, advance reservation is not necessary. Although the number of visitors in the house is limited, after the experience of the first months, waiting times at the entrance are not to be expected.

Test obligation

All visitors 6 years and older must provide proof of Corona vaccination or recovery or a negative Corona test result. This does not apply to shop-only purchases or workshop participants not visiting the exhibition. For Hessian students, the school test booklet is sufficient as proof - even during school vacations..

Request for card payment

We ask all visitors to pay as cashless as possible.

Mandatory masks

Due to the Hessian Corona regulations, all visitors aged 6 years and older must wear masks throughout the building. The masks must be brought along. There are none for sale.

Limited visiting hours

In case of large number of visitors, we reserve the right to limit the visiting time to a maximum of two hours.

Closure of several station

Experimental stations that currently seem questionable (e.g. because you have to get close to them with your face) or that are difficult to clean have been closed off or removed from the exhibition. In addition, a maximum of 2 people are allowed to be in the shadow theater at the same time, and a maximum of 1 person in the walk-in eye. The energy go-kart can be used by a maximum of 2 persons at the same time. If your favorite station is among the restricted or unusable stations, we ask for your understanding for this measure.

No science shows

Until further notice, there will be no science shows and devil's wheel demonstrations. Children's birthday parties and workshops will be held with separate hygiene concepts.

No cafeteria

The cafeteria will remain closed until further notice. It is possible to consume food that you have brought with you in the break rooms.

Shorter cleaning intervals

The cleaning intervals for the experimental stations were significantly increased. In particular, all handle surfaces, knobs, etc. are disinfected several times a day at fixed intervals and as required. The same applies to handrails, door handles, taps, the EC unit at the cash desk, etc.

Keep minimum distance

All persons must keep a distance of 1.5 meters to other persons at all times.

Wash hands regularly

Visitors are requested to disinfect their hands before entering the exhibition and to wash their hands regularly during their visit. Disinfectant dispensers are available.

Cough & sneeze etiquette

We ask all visitors to cough and sneeze in the crook of your arm.

The complete hygiene concept can be downloaded here (in German language, last update: August 20, 2021).