The mobile experimental booth for your event

The EXPERIMINTA ScienceCenter in the Hamburger Allee in Frankfurt not only has more than 130 experimental stations, but a small part of it also goes on tour again and again: to parties at companies, summer and school festivals - not only in Frankfurt am Main, but meanwhile also in other places in Hessen.

What does EXPERIMINTA on Tour offer?

Depending on the target group of your event, we bring along a selection of scientific experiments and encourage your visitors to try them out and discover amazing phenomena.

    For which events is the booth suitable?

    • City and children's festivals
    • Company celebrations
    • School and kindergarten parties
    • Public fairs for families and much more

    EXPERIMINTA on Tour is not designed to host a complete event on its own.

    What has to be provided?

    The booth requires a flat surface of at least 3 x 3 meters or 6 x 3 meters. A power connection is required for some of the experiments. Should this not be available, a booth without these experiments is also possible. For outdoor events a water connection near the stand is advantageous. If possible, we are also happy if tables and benches are provided.

    What does EXPERIMINTA on Tour cost?

    We will be happy to make you an individual offer. Please send us an e-mail to  info(at)experiminta.remove-this.de with the following information:

    • Name of the event
    • Organizer
    • Venue (postal code)
    • Target group
    • Date of the event
    • expected number of visitors
    • Event time (from - to)
    • Indoor or outdoor event (for outdoor events incl. information on the condition of the floor)
    • Power connection possible (yes/no)
    • Water supply available near the proposed site (yes/no)

    We reserve the right to reject events that are not compatible with our interests and principles or our schedule.