Rediscover the Experiminta ScienceCenter!

Into the future with our interactive avatar

With the "Avatar" project, on which we have been working in cooperation with the company Humanizing Technologies, we are starting the next exciting phase.

We want to make our exhibition even more interactive. With our avatar, we are providing you with an informative companion to accompany you on your journey through the EXPERIMINTA ScienceCenter Frankfurt RheinMain.

Imagine being greeted by our digital team - avatars that accompany you through the exhibition and provide you with advice and support.

Wondering what you can do at an experimentation-station? No problem! Our avatars are there for you. And for those who want to learn more, the avatars also know some interesting facts and background information about the experiments.

The special thing about it? No annoying apps or complicated devices - All you need is your cell phone.

But that's not all! We want to make sure that visitors from all over the world feel comfortable. The avatars are not only available in English and German, but also in French, Spanish, Italian, Turkish, Polish, Romanian, Ukrainian and Arabic.

We are ready to start the test phase of this exciting project and are looking forward to your feedback.

We are already looking forward to discovering the future of EXPERIMINTA ScienceCenter Frankfurt RheinMain together with you.

How does it work?

The avatar comes to your mobile phone in just a few easy steps

Step 1: Discover an experiment station equipped with a QR code

Step 2: Open the QR code scanner on your mobile phone and scan the QR code

Step 3: Press Start

Step 4: Change the language by pressing on the world symbol

Several choices will appear on your mobile phone:

What can you do? The avatar explains how this experiment station works

What should happen? The avatar explains what phenomenon you can see

Why is it like this? The avatar tells you more about the physical background

Can you repeat this? The Avatar repeats what has been said

What is an avatar?

Avatars are digital robotic solutions that can interact with users and perform many different tasks. They can convey information, provide entertainment, support customer advice, be used in education and much more.

The use of avatars in the EXPERIMINTA ScienceCenter is a particularly exciting step towards the digital future.

From August 2023, avatars will welcome visitors in a unique way in the entrance area of the ScienceCenter. They will explain the concept of the museum, answer general questions and provide information about workshops and events, as well as opening hours and admission prices.

The different avatars explain the experiment stations and also the physical background. This makes it easier for visitors to immerse themselves in the world of STEM topics and explore the ScienceCenter in an entertaining and informative way.

The avatar was created in close cooperation with the company Humanizing Technologies from Cologne.

Humanizing Technologies is a company that specialises in the development of robot software and digital avatars. The software makes it possible to equip the avatar with a variety of characteristics. In this way, the avatar's repertoire of tasks can be quickly and efficiently adapted to the needs of everyday museum life. In addition, the avatar can be brought onto further digital end devices with one click and used in several places at the same time without needing additional apps or devices. Only a smartphone is required. Together with the staff of EXPERIMINTA, Humanizing Technologies is constantly developing this exciting use case and teaching the avatar further knowledge and new skills.