Group registration

We ask all groups to register as early as possible via our online reservation system before their visit. In order to ensure a smooth admission procedure, we offer start dates every half hour.

Please note that group registration does not entitle you to a seat in the break room.

Teachers are advised to give a concrete work assignment to their learning group in advance.

Payment & group introduction

As an accompanying person please collect the entrance fees of all participants in advance and pay them collectively at the cash desk (cash, EC or credit card). After you have paid the entrance fee, your group will be welcomed by a visitor guide and will receive a short introduction. Afterwards, the visitors are expected to help themselves and find "their" way through the science center, as it makes no sense to be guided through the exhibition. If you need help or an explanation, you can of course always ask one of our supervisors.

For younger children (kindergarten and also primary school) we recommend that the group leaders walk with the children from area to area in the house and then let the children experiment there. Older students and adults should have access to the complete EXPERIMINTA ScienceCenter and everyone should explore it alone or in small groups.

Pay attention to supervision

The experiments offer "hands-on science and mathematics". In order to avoid accidents and damage, parents, teachers and other supervisors must ensure that the experimental stations are handled gently and properly. Therefore, the presence of supervisors in the exhibition rooms during the entire group visit is essential.

Please also note our house rules.

After a successfully completed reservation, you will receive a confirmation to the e-mail address you provided.

Please note that our online booking system is offered exclusively in German.

For questions, cancellations and change requests (number of persons and/or date) please write to us at