Discovering STEM

One-week science camp from 29.07. to 02.08.

Embark on an exciting journey through science! Our five-day holiday camp gives you the unique opportunity to explore different STEM fields in an interactive and varied way. With a five-hour daily programme, we offer an intensive yet fun experience that will spark your interest in science, technology, engineering and maths.

Here you will not only observe, but also carry out exciting experiments with fire, air and energy. Together we'll find out why the sky is blue and why it's possible to make an plane fly.

But that's not all! You will also gain an inspiring insight into how science and nature conservation can go hand in hand.

Make this an unforgettable holiday!

   One week holiday camp

  •     from Monday 29.07. to Friday 02.08.
  •     every day from 10:00 to 15:00 o'Clock
  •     for children aged 10 to 12
  •     Enrolment is only possible for the whole week.
  •     Please bring enough food and drink for the days.

  Kindly note that the Science Camp is offered in German only.



Participate in STEM

To kick off our holiday camp, we will go on an exciting discovery tour through the EXPERIMINTA ScienceCenter and carry out some fascinating experiments to get to know our museum from a whole new perspective. A mixture of rally, treasure hunt and science - that's what the discovery tour through the EXPERIMINTA ScienceCentre offers. On this exciting treasure hunt, you have to try out various experimental stations in the museum and answer tricky questions.

Only with the right answers can you crack the code for the treasure chest. Afterwards, we experiment with air and fire. We extinguish candles with vortex rings of mist, make marshmallows expand in vacuum and create a tornado of fire.


DIY Bath Bombs

Why do bath bombs bubble in the water? And how does soap remove dirt? In this DIY workshop we will not only find out why sustainable cosmetics are so important, but also how many chemicals are used in the bathroom. Together we will make scented bath bombs and colourful soap. After the workshop, the homemade products, of course, can be tested at home.


Flying adventures

What do the many display instruments in an aircraft cockpit mean and how do you steer in the air? Once we have clarified this, we take off in our flight simulator.

Why does an aeroplane fly? And how do you steer in the air? Together with you, we will get to the bottom of all these questions. We will explain the physics of flying using models, simulations and small experiments. Afterwards, we will climb into our flight simulator and take off on an extensive sightseeing flight over the Frankfurt skyline. You can then try out everything you have learnt directly on the plane.


Making STEM for energy

How do I save the world? How does it work? What has energy got to do with air? And what does it mean for our cars?

A lot of questions at once. We just want to understand energy. And we're doing an Experiminta rally about the law of conservation of energy. To get a feel for the subject, we produce energy and, of course, we use it, because everything revolves around energy. Electric circuits and magnets are not neglected either. Unless, of course, you create a short circuit and come up with your best idea.


Colourful expedition into the light

Get ready for an exciting expedition to the light! Along the way we will encounter colourful phenomena and spectacular plays of light. Our journey will even take us across the glowing rainbow and up into the sky. There we will discover the mystery of dawn. We will find out why the sky changes its colour at dawn. But first we have to find out what colours are and how we can see them. On this voyage of discovery, sometimes we have to look very closely to shed light on the darkness.



Please note that the Science Camp is offered in German only.
Registration is possible via the German website.