Special exhibitions

I see what you don't see - Understanding virtual water

27.6.2022 until 24.7.2022

There is much more water in our everyday life than we might think. Washing, cooking, brushing our teeth are only the smallest part. Most of the water we consume without ever having seen it with our own eyes.

Each of us needs just under 120 liters of water every day for washing, cooking or brushing our teeth. In addition, however, there are about 4,000 liters of so-called "virtual water" for the production of food, clothing and consumer goods.

The blue gold is our basis for life. A basis that is becoming less and less every day.

Therefore, from 27.6.22 to 24.7.22, we ask ourselves the question: What is virtual water? How much water is in a tomato, for example? And what can we do to reduce global water consumption? How can we prevent Frankfurt from running out of water in the long term?

Join us in exploring the global connections of virtual water. Discover how even small actions help to save a lot of water and become a protector of the world's most important resource yourself.

The special exhibition was developed by the Mathematikum with support from the DBU.
The exhibition in the EXPERIMINTA is sponsored by the VCI Hessen.

The price of the exhibition is included in the entrance fee.


Additional dates:

Sat. 9.7. at 10 a.m. Workshop: "Exciting experiments with water".


Training Show and Demonstration Experiments (Physikanten) for Teachers

The physicists are coming!

In our advanced training "Show and Demonstration Experiments" for teachers, you will be shown effective demonstration experiments and learn presentation and communication techniques for the physics classroom, from the science shows of the Physikanten.

Learn about at least 30 demonstration experiments and learn from stage and TV experienced entertainers how to make your lesson a complete success.

Sponsored by the Wilhelm and Else Heraeus Foundation, the PHYSICIANS offer advanced training for teachers, trainees and students in cooperation with the Experiminta ScienceCenter.

The seminar leader, Tobias Happe, regularly appears on stage as the "Physikant". The teacher training courses he has developed have been empirically tested for their impact. In a field study with 88 teachers and about 1500 students, a positive change in the students' attitude towards physics was observed.

In the basic training, on 24.09.2022 and 25.09.2022, you will get to know at least 30 demo experiments and learn from stage and TV experienced entertainers how to make your teaching unit a complete success.

- 30 simple and inexpensive demo experiments
- Tricks and tricks from the show business
- Presentation and communication techniques
- Access to an extensive pool of materials

The advanced seminar, on 12/17/2022 and 12/18/2022, features many new demonstration experiments and hands-free experiments. In addition, the content of the topics of the first advanced training will be deepened. There is also a block on producing videos on experiments and general physics content. There will be more intensive presentation exercises and more tricks in dealing with the students.

In addition, there will be an exchange of experiences on the application of the contents of the first training in everyday school life. On this basis, the establishment of a network between the participants will be encouraged, so that they can exchange experiments, exercises and teaching material in the future.

Booking: Buchungen@experiminta.de

Costs: 25 Euro per person

Dates:         24.09.2022 & 17.12.2022 *

                        25.09.2022 & 18.12.2022*

*Since the dates in December are advanced seminars, these dates can only be attended by participants who have already participated in the first training.

Important note: This training is intended exclusively for teachers, teachers and trainee teachers