In our workshops each topic is open to extensive research, experimentation and questions. Our workshop leaders look forward to welcoming many interested young researchers.

Unless otherwise stated, all workshops are aimed exclusively at children and young people of the appropriate age. The participation of accompanying adults is of course possible in exceptional cases. When registering, please note the age group for which the workshops are suitable.

All workshops are designed for the participation of individuals. You can find our online registration for the workshops here:


Registration of larger groups of 5 or more people is only possible upon prior request.

Please note that our workshops are held in German language.


Bath pearls & soaps simply self-made

Many things in our everyday life can we make ourselves with simple means. This gives us a better understanding of how something works and helps us to pay attention to sustainability and the environment. Bath pearls and soap are very easy to make yourself.

In this workshop, participants will learn how bath balls make water bubble and what the cleansing effect of soap is. In the practical part, bath pearls and soap will be made from basic substances available for purchase.

Age: 7+

Kibo - Robotics for children

Here you can program your own robot - without any reading or writing skills. Wooden blocks with symbols and a robot with scanner make it possible. We teach you the essential concepts of programming, such as motion blocks, sensors, loops and conditions.

Age: 5 - 6


With the micro:bit, the basics of electronics are learned in a tangible and understandable way. Sensors, buttons, LEDs, microphone and speakers are used to understand the basic components. Programming will be done using a graphical block-based programming language.

Age: 8+

Robotics with Lego Mindstorms

Together we will build and program a robot using Lego Mindstorms EV3. We will learn how a motor and various sensors work and try out how we can use them. Together we then solve exciting programming tasks.

Age: 9 - 12

Experience robotics with LegoWeDo

With LegoWeDo, entering the world of robotics is no problem. Explore and construct the basic concepts of the STEM field in a playful way. Different models are used to explain how assemblies, motors and sensors work. The collaboration takes place in a small group, which ensures a close and direct exchange. The children share ideas directly with each other and arrive at creative solutions together.

Age: 8 - 10

Game development with Scratch

The programming language Scratch contains everything that fascinating video games need. We program a game together and use Scratch to create score counters, move our game characters, change backgrounds and increase difficulty. Along the way, you'll learn the most important concepts of programming languages.

Age: 8 - 12

Scratch Junior - Programming for Kids

Scratch Junior is a visual and colorful programming language that brings characters to life and tells interactive stories. Programming is purely graphical and done through program blocks, so no previous programming experience is necessary. Through a chain of commands, children move their characters and make them bounce, dance, and even sing.

Age: 5 - 6

Create a website

Using HTML, we'll work together to write your own website, which you can then design to your liking using CSS instructions. We'll show you how to publish your site with a few clicks and share it with your friends. So that you can continue to develop it after the workshop, we will work on a platform that you can also access from home.

Age: 12+