Permanent exhibition

Research yourself smart!

Immerse yourself in the fascinating world of STEM and experience exciting phenomena and amazing effects! Welcome to the interactive hands-on exhibition at EXPERIMINTA ScienceCenter Frankfurt. Be fascinated by the plasma lamp, the shadow theatre and the giant kaleidoscope. More than 120 exhibits on four floors are waiting to be tried out. The science shows are especially impressive. From fire tornadoes to high-voltage lightning, there is something for everyone.

What does it look like inside a soap bubble? What does it feel like to lie on a fakir's bed? Can you steer cars with light and control lightning with your hands?

These and many other questions are answered in our exhibition. Sometimes very practical, sometimes very basic, but always exciting and always hands-on.

Test your reaction to driving, build a bridge, discover the beauty of polarized light, or observe a tornado up close.

Best of all, many of the experiments are most fun when done with others.

See how a wave is created, learn how a figure skater does a fast pirouette, and meet yourself 1000 times in our giant kaleidoscope.