Research yourself smart

What does it look like inside a soap bubble? How does it feel on a fakir bed? Can you control cars with light and influence lightning with your hands?

We answer these and many more questions in our exhibition - of course not only theoretically! Because: In EXPERIMINTA you can try everything yourself. More than 130 experimental stations are waiting to be tested by you. In thematically sorted research zones, we show you the fascinating world of STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics). Sometimes very close to the application, sometimes very basic, but always exciting and always hands-on.

Test your reaction while driving a car, build a bridge together, discover the beauty of polarized light or watch a tornado. And best of all, many of the experiments are most fun when you do them together with others. The daughter can win a tug-of-war competition against the father, or the mother can mix her face with the son's without a computer, while grandma and grandpa can dance in the shadow theater.

Try out how a wave is created, learn how a figure skater does particularly fast pirouettes and meet yourself 1000 times in our giant kaleidoscope.