House rules

A warm welcome to you!

Thank you very much for coming. A few hours of research and discovery start for you now. With all joy we ask you not to disregard the usual consideration and caution. Most of all, this means showing responsibility for oneself and for others and not to ignore the rules of courtesy. Therefore, please take note of our following house rules.

1. Access to the ScienceCenter

The EXPERIMINTA ScienceCenter may only be entered and left via the main entrance or the entrance for disabled persons and baby buggies. The admission wristbands must be worn visibly on the wrist during the entire stay and must be presented on request.

The admission wristband entitles the holder to use all services offered at the time of the visit for which no separate fee is charged. Services for which a separate fee is charged are shown accordingly. A re-entry on the same day is possible with the wristband.

An annual ticket entitles the person(s) identified on it to enter the EXPERIMINTA ScienceCenter for a period of one year during the general opening hours from the day of purchase. It is not transferable and will be withdrawn in the event of misuse.

Opening hours are subject to change without prior notice or may be restricted to specific groups.

If the capacity of the building is exceeded, EXPERIMINTA gGmbH is entitled to refuse further visitors access to the building without payment.

2. Cancellation of services

At the time of the visit there is no claim to completeness and/or operational readiness of all services offered. We reserve the right not to provide individual services temporarily, e.g. for repair or maintenance reasons. This does not justify any claims for reduction or refund of entrance fees. This also applies in particular to the cancellation of science shows and events for which no separate fee is charged.

3. Duty of supervision

Children under the age of 12 must always be accompanied by a supervising person. We advise all parents and accompanying persons of groups to carefully fulfill their duty of supervision, as we cannot release them from this obligation. In this context, supervisors and parents are also responsible for any damage caused by the persons to be supervised.

4. Behaviour during the stay

Our experimental stations may and should be used actively, but only for the intended purpose and in compliance with the operating instructions. The use of all experimental stations is at your own risk. The visitor is obliged to ensure his own safety, in particular by exercising the necessary care, observing the signs and commandments, and following the instructions of the supervisory staff.

Use of the experimental stations for purposes other than those for which they are intended, improper use or use causing damage may lead to an immediate ban from the premises and, if necessary, to claims for damages.

In the EXPERIMINTA ScienceCenter it is not permitted to wear any kind of discriminatory, violence glorifying or anti-constitutional clothing, labels and symbols. The same applies to the carrying of weapons, dummy weapons and other dangerous objects. Visitors are not permitted to enter restricted areas under any circumstances. Violations in the cases mentioned may lead to an immediate ban from the building.

Anyone who harasses other visitors, does not obey the instructions of the supervisory staff or the bidding signs or in any other way interferes with the operation of the EXPERIMINTA ScienceCenter may be expelled from the EXPERIMINTA ScienceCenter without any claim for reimbursement of the admission fee. Wilful noise and romping around are to be avoided. Persons who are under the influence of strong alcohol or drugs may be expelled from the building. The supervisory staff is entitled to exercise all rights arising from the house rules.

5. Brought bags and sports equipment

Umbrellas, backpacks, suitcases, bags, etc. (larger than DIN A4) must remain in the wardrobes or lockers. These are unguarded. No liability is accepted for loss or damage to objects.

The carrying and use of skateboards, inline skates, scooters etc. is not permitted in the house.

6. Access to shows

The employees of EXPERIMINTA gGmbH are responsible for the show for which they are deployed. Visitors must adhere to all instructions given by the respective employee.

The show rooms have a maximum capacity, which must not be exceeded for safety reasons. If it is foreseeable that the capacity of the room will be exceeded, the employees have the right to deny further visitors access to the corresponding performance without any compensation being payable.

7. Animals

Animals are not allowed in the EXPERIMINTA ScienceCenter with the exception of guide dogs with official dog vests.

8. Smoking, eating and drinking

Smoking is forbidden in the whole building.

Drinks and food may only be consumed in the designated break rooms and the cafeteria.

9. Photography and filming

Filming and photography are permitted for private purposes, provided that other visitors are not impaired or disturbed. Film and photo shoots for commercial purposes as well as shots for press and TV contributions require prior approval by the communications department of EXPERIMINTA gGmbH.

In the EXPERIMINTA ScienceCenter, film and photo shoots are made by our employees or by persons commissioned by us. The areas will be marked as far as possible. Please avoid these areas if you do not wish any photographs to be taken to be used in public at a later date or inform the photographer/film team accordingly.

10. Parking

Vehicles may only be parked within the designated parking areas. If a vehicle is parked outside the parking area and thus obstructs traffic, it will be towed away at the risk and expense of the owner. The same applies if a vehicle is parked in areas marked as rented elsewhere by signs.

The parking fee is charged for the parking space provided, but not for guarding the vehicle. EXPERIMINTA gGmbH is not liable for theft of or damage to the vehicle by others.

11. Damage reports

All facilities of the EXPERIMINTA ScienceCenter are carefully maintained and monitored. Should you nevertheless suffer damage through no fault of your own (this includes property damage, personal injury and other damage), please report the damage to the cash desk before leaving the building. If there is reason to believe that an incident may cause damage later, report it to the receptionist. A claim for damages is excluded if a possible and reasonable damage report is made only after leaving the house.

12. Danger and fire case

The instructions of the supervisory staff must be followed in the event of danger and fire. The escape and rescue plans must be followed.

13. Right to issue instructions

The instructions of the supervisory staff must be followed. In the event of violations of the house rules or disregard of the instructions, they can issue house bans and investigate personal data in cases of liability, if necessary with the involvement of the police. Entrance fees will not be refunded in this case.

Frankfurt, 1 January 2020