Spezial Exhibition - virtual Water


Night at the Museum



Lecture: Is Frankfurt running out of water?

Frankfurt's water supply is in a dilemma. The city of Frankfurt gets only 25 per cent of its water from its springs and groundwater resources. But where does the remaining 75 per cent come from?
And what does Frankfurt's water consumption have to do with the Vogelsberg or the Kinzig Valley?
Mr Wolf-Rüdiger Hansen will answer these questions and many more from BUND Hessen in his lecture "Is Frankfurt running out of water".
Let us inform you in an exciting lecture about the challenges and problems of the water supply in Frankfurt.
As an additional offer to our special exhibition, "I see what(ser) you don't see" this lecture is free of charge.

When: 06.07.2022
Time: Start 19:00

Please note that that the lecture is held in German language only!

Science Show: Night at the Museum

When the museum closes in the evening, the lights go out and the exhibits come to rest, it's the scientists' time. Then they go on stage and show their experiments.
It flashes and smokes, it pops and glows. An astonishing murmur can be heard in the crowd.
Our fantastic show team conjures up a new show every first Friday of the month. Whether on the themes of "fire and ice", "virtual water" or an "electric night", there is something for everyone.
You can also take part in one or the other experiment on stage yourself.

You can find more information about our spectacular show series at:
Night at the Museum

Please note that ol the shows are in german language only!

Special exhibition

I see what you don't see - understanding virtual water
27.6.2022 to 24.7.2022 There is much more water in our everyday lives than we might think.

Washing, cooking, and brushing our teeth are only the smallest part. Most of the water we consume without ever having seen it with our own eyes. Join us in exploring the global connections of virtual water.

Discover how even small actions help to save a lot of water and become a protector of the world's most important resource yourself.

More information about our special exhibition can be found here:
Virtual Water


As of 27.6 a special Exhibition on 'virtual water' included in the entrance fee!!!

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