Take a piece of EXPERIMINTA home with you

Check out our small - but nice - shop in our cash desk area and discover things that will delight every explorer's heart. The range of products is largely coordinated with the main exhibition topics, so that you can continue your research at home with a lot of fun.

We have funny gifts, original souvenirs and of course intelligent gadgets. And anyone looking for clever gift ideas is sure to find just the right thing there:

There are experimental boxes of all kinds, chaotic flummies, spinning tops and balls, crayons, spy eyes, soap bubbles, airplanes, puzzles and patience games from simple to diabolical, glowing balls, stars and planets, postcards with moving pictures, kaleidoscopes, and, and, and.

Also recommended: a look at the bookshelves with new popular science publications as well as science classics for children and young people.

Opening hours of the museum shop

Our museum shop is open at the same times as the EXPERIMINTA ScienceCenter. There is no entrance fee to browse through the shop.