Murder in the lab

A scientific criminal case

We write the 11 April 2024, a research institute is in a state of emergency. The air is filled with chemical, the labs are silent, broken only by the occasional hum of monitors. Structural formulae are scrawled on the walls, notes are scattered and test tubes lie broken on the floor.

Welcome to the prestigious Emmett-Brown Institute of Biology. On the evening of that fateful day, a scientist was found dead. Was it an accident, an oversight, or something more sinister?

Everyone was gathered in the foyer of the institute to find out what had happened. There are rumours of sabotage and fraud.

Could the ambitious PhD student, the jealous colleague or perhaps the secretive canteen worker have something to do with it? The mysteries are mounting and it's up to you to solve them!

Embark on an interactive mystery experience!

Immerse yourself in the world of science and play a pivotal role in a gripping criminal case. Slip into the skin of different characters. Discover motives and secrets that could be the key to solving the case.  

But beware - the murderer may still be in the room! Prepare for an evening of suspense, intrigue and scientific discovery.

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Age: 16+ years

Please note that this event is only available in German.